L’internationalisation : 4 bonnes raisons de se lancer


1) Lower costs

Internationalization is often adopted to take advantage of the advantages, in terms of raw material costs, HR offered by certain countries.

This type of internationalization often leads to relocations to countries where these resources and skills are cheaper, easily accessible and of good quality.

2) The conquest of new markets

When a company is in a mature or declining market, internationalization can be an opportunity to boost sales and increase them in markets that are still under-exploited.

When it comes to developing an innovative flagship product, internationalization can also be an opportunity to expand your market to high-growth countries.

3) Preserving the competitive position in a global market

The globalization of the current economy leads companies that want to remain competitive to internationalization. Indeed, the strategy of large companies is increasingly determined at the global level. To avoid being overtaken by its competitors, a company must be able to achieve economies of scale and take advantage of advantages that can be found halfway around the world.

4) The advantages and disadvantages of internationalization

It is undeniable that internationalization has multiple advantages in terms of:

  • Search for tax advantages in terms of exchange rates
  • Save resources
  • Extend the life cycle of products, especially in emerging countries


Source : https://www.marketing-etudiant.fr/cours/c/bts–management-des-entreprises-chapitre-14–linternationalisation-de-lentreprise.php