Morocco reaches new milestone in military industry

August 18, 2021

Morocco seems to be deciding to move forward to equip itself with a military and defense industry and no longer totally depend on the global giants of this lucrative sector.

In the Official Bulletin dated August 9, the government published an implementing decree which further specifies the contours of this ambition of the Kingdom, reports Maghreb Intelligence.

This decree specifies the modalities of application of Law 10-20 which encompasses the emergence of a national industry, the import, but also the export of arms and defense equipment.

Annexes also specify the weapons and equipment concerned and there is everything: from small arms to submarines to airplanes, says the news site.

Very important text, it also specifies the modalities for foreign investors wishing to settle in Morocco.

The icing on the cake is that Morocco will even set up an investment commission dedicated to encouraging this sector.

In addition, on the governance side, the text designates the authorities who will be responsible for monitoring all the processes: issuance of authorizations, controls, etc., specifies the same source.

With this new legislation, and on the instruction of King Mohammed VI, Morocco aims to join the very closed club of arms manufacturers and exporters.

And if the first objective is to meet the needs of its own army and its security services, the Kingdom even intends to become an exporting country or at least an African hub for manufacturers in the sector, concludes Maghreb Intelligence.