Your international capacity builder

Who are we?

Every growing business faces challenges in order to increase their capacity. Our specialty is to create this capacity internationally, whether for deployment in another country, in increasing their sales force or by creating remote teams internationally.

Capacity builder in 3 aspects

International deployment

We help companies select, build, hire and start operations in another country to increase their manufacturing or service production capacity.

International sales force

Based on our solid and extensive network, our team has the know-how and expertise to select and set up an international sales network according to your needs.

Remote teams deployment

We quickly deploy teams that work remotely internationally but integrate seamlessly with your team.

Why choose us?


Dynamic company with expert and exclusive knowledge for the international development of companies in the manufacturing sector and services in various fields such as aeronautics, health, electronics, robotics, etc.


Our action as a catalyst in international business development is backed by a network of business relations at all levels and privileged influential contacts.

Client experience

Strong portfolio, the relevance, the quality and the exclusivity of the services offered, as well as the transparency and the very human nature of its customer relationship, are the basis of an enriching collaborative experience, leading to concrete results responding to the uncompromising expectations.


An essential resource in supporting the deployment and development of international business with prestigious clients is a guarantee of the undeniable effectiveness of its expert “trouble-free” solutions and of its turnkey delivery, while minimizing the risks.

Ready to go international?



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