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Did you know?

40% of vacancies can be perform remotely?

Labor Shortage Statistics

1 million

Number of vacancies in Canada


Quebec unemployment rate in January 2022

$18 billion

Revenue lost in 2 years

Remote Teams a solution for you

In order to help our customers deal with labor issues, we deploy Remote Teams internationally.


No worries related to legal and international taxation because you deal directly with our Canadian entity.

Canadian Contract & Payment


After identifying the needs, we can set up a Remote Team in less than 4 weeks.

Less than 4 weeks


The hourly rate includes all operational costs and can represent savings of around 35%

35% savings

Is the labor shortage hurting you?

Labor shortages slow down business, make organizations inefficient and diminish the quality of service. This situation leads to a decrease in income.

This is not inevitable, there are solutions!



4 weeks

for Remote Teams

2 to 4 months

For a new hire

4 to 8 months

For a temporary work visa

2 to 5 years

For permanent immigration

First step

Definition of needs

We take the time to define with you the ideal Remote Team and the type of profiles sought. We prepare everything from your job offers or we prepare them for you.

Second step


We take care of the filtering of the candidates and then we make a first selection. Depending on your processes, we can pass a technical test to ensure the desired level of control. Finally, a final interview is carried out with you to ensure a perfect match.

Third step


We do a first 6temik Onboarding to ensure an understanding of the mandate and how to work with a Canadian entity. In parallel, we can provide cultural training to your teams to ensure a smooth introduction. Finally, we follow up with you on your Onboarding process with our quality assurance process.


What are the guarantees?2022-11-11T16:23:30-05:00

The replacement of a resource is free of charge during the first 3 months.

Can we immigrate a resource from a Remote team?2022-11-11T16:26:06-05:00

Yes, we facilitate immigration procedures for resources wishing to immigrate. It is certain that this way of doing things greatly reduces the risks associated with immigration because each of the parties knows each other well. Certain conditions apply to initiate this process.

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